Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Important Parenting Decisions

Last night, Owen's last "nighttime" feeding fell at 6:00am. Which, technically isn't nighttime, but if you live in my world it is. 6:00 is a weird hour when he just might go back to sleep, meaning I could sleep until 9:00. Hooray! So, at the 6:00 feeding all went gloriously. He ate and then went right back to sleep. Perfect! Then 7:00 rolled around and he is fussing. I wait a second and then it turns into crying. Damn. I pull him into bed with me, hoping he just needs a top off and will go back to sleep. He seems sleepy...maybe this will work? But then, as I'm feeding him, I feel a gentle warm trickle of liquid sneaking down my side. Now, you parents of little boys can back me up here, it doesn't seem to matter how well you put on the diaper, what kind of diaper they're wearing, or HOW you point their little penis. Sometimes they just pee on you. In our case, seems to be when he realllly relaxes well being fed. And so? Well that brings us to the present moment. Said child passed right out after his ten minute "top off." He is curled up next to me and I can't seem to locate a major wet spot on him. It's like a secret pee that managed to get all over me whilst just leaving a small spot on the baby. So. The question is - do I do the right thing and get up and change my slightly-urine-tinged child, thereby waking him up and ruining my chances of going back to sleep or do I do the lazy parenting choice and just deposit him back into his crib? I will leave you in suspense....

Update - I changed him. He is now fresh and clean. But, I never had to make the choice because he made it for me by waking up. So I suppose we'll never know how this important parent decision would have ended up? Also, upon re-reading this I had to laugh at the fact that I was completely unconcerned about the urine that was all over me. . That seemed not to be a factor in my decision. Wiping up pee with an extra swaddle blanket is totally acceptable. Right?


  1. O_O Umm, I would extract myself to clean up but leave the slightly urine-y child as is until he wakes up... Also, I am now officially terrified of diapering a baby boy.

    1. HA!! Yes, wiping up urine with ANYTHING is totally acceptable. Ich.

  2. hahaha I had to laugh when you didn't mention what to do about the pee on yourself! I guess that's what being a Mom is all about!

  3. Yup. Covered in all sorts of bodily fluids is my new normal.

    For the record, I would have left slightly urine-y child to sleep and waited until he woke up to change him.

  4. Jackson's such a puker, that I've learned to live in baby puke. and I know he won't die if he hangs out in a pukie onsie for a little bit. and peepee? totally would let that ride rather than sacrifice the nap. EVERY SINGLE TIME! :) world's best mommy right here :)

  5. I would have left him in his pee, cuz I'm lazy like that.


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