Sunday, July 14, 2013

Getting Things Done

What a day.

First of all, B.'s friend and his wife had their baby this week. They had their baby at the birthing center we will be using. I got to be there (just by chance) when she was at home going in to pre-labor and I was amazed by how much it affected me. Two things stood out. First of all, she was SO calm and it inspired me and gave me hope. Secondly, I was so excited by what was about to happen to her (and later on, to ME). I haven't heard the whole birth story yet, but they told us that it was amazing, beautiful and exhausting. Oh, and they had a girl. They were one of those couples who waited to find out and as soon as I found out it was a girl, do you know what my gut reaction was? Jealousy. Yes, I know. I thought I was over this. I felt guilty for feeling jealous. But then I realized I wasn't hoping MY baby was a girl, because he's my boy and he's my baby and there was no way in hell I would ever want to change him now. But just a strong feeling that I want to have a girl someDAY. Hoping for the next time.

We got a lot done today. First of all, we bought a dresser.

It's from IKEA, so the price is right. I'm going to use the top as the changing table, which also leaves room for a diaper caddy and maybe a cute decoration. The top drawers will work wonderfully for holding clothes or diaper changing accessories or who knows what. What do babies need? Also, I love the blue color.

We also bought a crib.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but the crib is a dark grey-ish blue-ish color. I love the color. It's really solid and strong feeling. I also like the shorter size without the back. Is there a name for that type of crib? Anyhow, we looked at different stores and this is the only crib that's jumped out at us. So we decided not to agonize further and just buy it. Then, we found out it's back ordered. Ooops. For ten weeks?? Damn. That means I'll be 35 weeks pregnant when our crib shows up. Now, I know it doesn't matter and that we won't even need the crib in the beginning, but I just want to have it all set up and ready. Anyhow, we BOUGHT it and I like it and I'm glad that decision is made.

Then tonight, I had a productive night. I made chile verde chicken salad for dinner, verde chicken enchiladas for dinner tomorrow, chopped up a bunch of fruit for the week, organized my mail and cleaned up the house a little. I also made a jar of my family's amazing marinara sauce for the new parents. It was hard to figure out what to make them, since she is vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Wow. I actually had to buy her gluten-free pasta, which is a bit sacrilegious to me, but oh well. It's the thought that counts.

Oh! And I almost forgot! We bought two absolutely adorable outfits at a baby boutique near our house. They were probably too expensive considering how short of a time they will be worn for, but they are soft as a cloud and oh-so-cute. If you look close at the yellow onesie, you will see those are actually dachshunds holding pretzels. What the hell is that? How can you not buy that?

Anyhow, it was a nice, normal weekend and I feel like I got a lot done. I'm proud of myself. What did you get done this weekend?

One more thing... It's been too long since I showed you a true "bump shot," so here you go.

In this order: 6 weeks, 13 weeks, 24 weeks.


  1. That onsie with the dogs & pretzels motif is insanely cute, I'm not surprised you couldn't resist! And your bump is pretty cute too ;)

  2. You are way ahead of us with the baby-buying stuff :) I hear that dresser is awesome for storing baby stuff.

    We visited my family this weekend, so didn't get much done, but my mom did buy the baby a whole lot of adorable clothes!

    And your bump is adorable!

  3. Love the crib and dresser!
    Can you please come to my house and cook?
    You look amazing!!

  4. Cute dresser! We might be buying an ikea crib. We had one crib loaned to us by a friend already. But that's all we have. 1 crib. I have so much to do to get ready. I have done nothing. to be fair, I am living out of town right now, but I can't wait to get home and start getting everything put together.
    I am impressed by your cooking. I still can only manage to heat things up.

  5. Oh how fun, getting all the things ready. Your post inspired me and I made bolognaise sauce and pasta yesterday.
    I love your bump :)

  6. I looooove your adorable belly! If my belly looked like that, I'd probably be staring at it all the time, too. I got all of nothing at all done these past few days, so I am jealous of your productivity!

  7. Haha, we are totally the same body shape/size! I feel like I'm looking at photos of myself...

    AND, hubs and I also bought a dresser at IKEA that we plan on using as a changing table -- so what I desperately need to ask you is: How are you figuring out the whole changing surface? Are you just doing a changing pad, or getting a tray for it, too? The pads and trays are SOOO expensive and I can't understand why, and it's starting to freak me out. HELP!

    And, yeah, that weiner-dog onesie is amazing and I totally want it. Maybe it's a joke about hotdogs and pretzels? Like, things you buy on a street corner? I dunno...

    1. Oh you are SO right about hotdogs and pretzels! That has to be it. Now I feel silly for missing that...ha.

      About the dresser/changing table. Am I missing something? I was just going to buy a changing pad and then get a cute cover for it. Something like this: I know the downfall is it's not actually affixed to the dresser, but that just means you can't leave the baby unattended while changing his diaper. Plus, I figure I'll often just change him wherever we're at in the house. But maybe I'm missing something?

    2. Yeah, that's the only cheap changing pad I've seen... I'm just nervous about finding a cover that fits those exact dimensions, as it seems "standard-size changing pad" can mean various things. I guess it's mostly the trays that end up costing a bajillion dollars, but as you say, it's probably fine to just go without. Thanks for the reassurance!!

    3. I agree about the fit of the cover not being perfect. If I can't find one that fits, I will probably just get some fabric and pin it around or something. But, as the one I posted is one of the most common changing pads out there, I'm sure someone has come up with some options for covers. Also, I'm not too worried about it being the "perfect changing pad." Really you just need something soft to lay him on while you're taking off a diaper. It could just as easily be a blanket on the floor.

      Hmm. Funny, some of the things I'm buying are pretty expensive. This one just doesn't seem worth the extra cost.

  8. Love the dresser and the crib. Super cute.


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