Sunday, October 14, 2012

Good news!

A good friend told me she was pregnant today! Unfortunately, she's not a friend that lives close so I don't get to experience it all with her, but it's still just that much more exciting. I have another friend who is due to go into labor any day now. I know its no shock that my cohort is taking the same step as me, but it's not something I ever paid attention to before. Maybe I'm too self-focused. For example, I had never given a thought to weddings before I got married and so I was totally clueless about planning a wedding (wedding colors? what the hell are those?). It seems to be the same with pregnancy and babies.

Even though for my job I am well-aware of developmental milestones, important questions about healthy pregnancies, and all things kid-related, I don't really know that much about pregnancy. Or babies, for that matter. This same friend who is now 3 months pregnant had a little girl about two years ago. While she was pregnant, I didn't really know what to say or ask, besides "Congratulations!" and "How are you feeling?" This time I felt much more excited and asked some (just some) pertinent questions. I'm happy for her and happy that this whole process has been very smooth and easy for her. I really hope some of that rubs off on me...

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