Saturday, March 2, 2013


Ok, so living in Southern California, you would think we are used to year round summer. But not true. We DO have seasons. This afternoon, when I peeled myself off the couch after a movie-watching marathon (Argot and Flight) and stepped outside I was hit by - SPRING! Hooray. It felt like a caress.

I grabbed dog and husband and we went for a walk. Just a short one, because it's all my old dog can manage. But it was so nice to be out in the warm weather. It's funny how much the weather affects us. I always have a new sense of life and excitement when the weather changes. It reminds me of high school when you would whip out the shorts and tank tops and pretend to be "warm" when it was still 50 degrees out (in LA people get out down jackets for 50 degrees). It reminds me of horseback rides through the fields. Camping when there is still snow on the grounds. Just.....a change. A new beginning.

The walk wasn't anything special, but we did talk about plans for our guest bedroom/nursery. With a two bedroom home, I'm not really willing to sacrifice the guest bedroom entirely, so it will have to serve a dual purpose. I don't like that idea long-term, so does that mean another move in our future? I love our house. It's the perfect location, has a great FEEL to it, and is so light, airy, and pleasant. But three bedrooms would be wonderful. Ahhhh decisions.

The nice thing is, I thrive on change. I love moving houses. I like moving jobs. I like planning for future changes. I just like....the opportunity for something exciting and different. Good thing, huh? Because we're about to face the biggest change yet. In fact, that's what everyone says when you tell them. Everything is about to change and I hope you know nothing will ever be the same again. It's funny, they always say it so sagely and importantly and I feel like saying "Golly gee, are you sure? Honey, what did we get ourselves into??"

Speaking of change, the last few days I have started to feel pregnant. On my way to work Friday, I was a bit panicky that I might get sick in my car. Luckily, the trusty pack of Saltines I've been trucking around did the trick. This morning, I woke up and begged my husband to bring me some Tylenol (pregnancy headache??) and then he brought me an English muffin with toasted cheese to eat in bed. I swear I was hungover. I mean, didn't that same thing happen in college??

Anyhow, no real news. Just enjoying my first un-planned, un-busy weekend that we have had in months. Laying on the couch, looking at my sleeping dog, and contemplating change.

And you? Do you like change? Or do you find comfort in routine?

Took this picture at the canals by our house. Little unknown pockets of the city.


  1. Oh I know where you live, such a nice area! Was such a gorgeous day. We have a sun terrace in our complex that is always 15 degrees hotter than everywhere else- it was too hot today. The pool was full of all the neighbour kids splashing and shouting, we had jugs of ice tea made and it was just the most perfect day. More like them soon I hope.

    Hope the sickness stays at bay. x

    1. Sounds nice! I meant to make it to my sister's pool at her complex yesterday, but never made it. Too lazy ;)

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love California weather!

  3. It really is amazing how the weather affects us. Your walk sounds like the perfect chill out :) and your photos are really nice !

    BTW, I was reading you and I just remembered Lauren (who blogs at Better in real life) and has been writing about her particular experience of pregnancy in a honest, balanced and real way, as in, it's not all unicorns and rainbows, but it's also not all puke, and she also described the first part of it as feeling hungover.
    Here are her posts (from the beginning, on the category "Baby") and if you click "next entries" you will get all of her posts (she is now full term and her baby will come any minute :) )Ók I am sorry for the obvious explanations on how to get to the posts of a category.

    I hope saltines (I hear toast with jam and acid gummies also help) will get you through.

    We will be here cheering you on.

    This is so exciting.

    1. ALso nice new heather and background :) It feels light and airy!

    2. Thanks for the compliment on the new blog! Credits to my husband. I always hated my old one, but couldn't figure out how to make it any better. I finally begged him to redo it.

      Thanks for the directions to Lauren's blog. I'm definitely going to check it out. I love your comment about "unicorns and rainbows pregnancy." Haha...I want to write about the real thing!

      Finally, toast with jam and acid gummies??

    3. Yeah, I have read it a lot about the toast I don't know why... but my mother always gave us half a lemon to lick in case of nausea, and it worked, and the acid gummies (gummi bears or other acid candy) I guess work in the same sense...

  4. Yesterday I started to feel the weather change here as well and it was so nice. I even got to drive my car with the window down a crack, and open the doors to my house to let the fresh air circulate!

    I love change. It is exciting and I find my best memories are times where I took a risk and did something different.

    How exciting that you are starting to feel pregnant! Soon you will have a little bump :)

    1. Of course you like change too. Just one more thing we have in common ;)

  5. Do you live in Venice? My hubs and I lived in Venice before we moved down to Austin. Most of the time I don't miss it, really, because I love Austin. But in the insanely hot summers here, I do long for an ocean breeze!


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