Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Two Weeks

Well, the second week has been harder than the first. It's settling in that this is my life in 2 to 4 hour segments. Hurry up, rush, care for baby, sleep when you can, breathe...this is life. Breastfeeding has been the theme of this week. Again, I will write a whole post on it, but oh my god what an experience. And by that I mean, it is chewing me up and spitting me out in little pieces. But, I just had a great visit from the lactation consultant and we have a plan now and I'm feeling positive. We will see how I feel at the 3:00am feeding tonight. B is back to work this week, so that's been one step closer to the "real world." The next step will be when my mom leaves and its just Owen and I! Sadly, there are days when I've been missing the two days we spent in the hospital, when it was just the three of us in a teeny tiny room with nothing to do but be amazed by our baby. Trying to fit in laundry, feeding pets, preparing meals, etc, makes it all the more gritty. And this is WITH my mom doing most of that work!

We had a pediatrician appointment today for his two week check up. Owen has officially gained back a pound from his lowest weight. Hooray! I was so proud of my little boy. He is so healthy and strong.

And me? I'm recovering. Doing better physically, but still don't have the all-clear to go for walks or get out of the house much. Feeling a bit stir crazy as a result. The pediatrician appointment was exciting just because we got to GO somewhere. Tomorrow we may take Owen to visit Daddy and friends at the office. Not thinking about labor as much, except when my issues with breastfeeding (i.e., overcoming pain, being a good enough mom, etc) bring back up doubts that I experienced from the birth. I'm beginning to wonder if I will have time to write a real post (ever!), but I do want to delve into how this experience has forced me to look at things about myself in a new light. My mom said, "We need to face our shadow selves." Ok. Well I guess my shadow self needs to get her act together and have a tough upper lip. Or at least tougher nipples.

Hoping to get back into commenting tomorrow. Don't expect too much retroactive commenting, but at least I'm hoping to jump back into the game.


  1. What an absolute doll you have!!! I know how that second week feels....your adrenaline is wearing off and you're settling in for the long haul. Living in 2-3 hour increments is EXHAUSTING and you will feel like entire days go by where all you have done is fed, rocked, and stared at yoyr baby. You will feel like you're supposed to be doing more. You're not! This is it for a little while :-) I wish someone told me this because I kept thinking I was missing something or doing too little with the baby. By right around Week 5 I was feeling good enough to venture further than up the block. Time will move at warp speed and slower than ever. Youre doing great!

  2. I'm glad to hear you're recovering. You're right that the second week feels harder than the first! I hope you're able to get some rest and enjoy the relief of having your mom with you right now. Looking forward to hearing what the LC had to say and if you're feeling an improvement!

  3. If Owen has already gained back a pound (which is amazing, by the way, that it only took 2 weeks), you must be doing something right with breastfeeding, even if it's difficult and challenging! You are a good mom!

    May I ask why you are not cleared for walks yet? Taking even short walks in those first few weeks brought some sanity to my life, just by getting me out of the house.

  4. Oh my gosh, look at those long legs! And all that hair! He's so adorable!
    I have no sage, been-there-done-that advice. My mom stayed with me for almost two months. My poor dad actually lost weight at home. I even threw my hubby out into the spare room and moved mom in with me and Davie Ann. I was so scared of SIDS! And breastfeeding was hard! I was a total wuss.

  5. Yesterday, my husband said he feels like we are in Groundhog Day, only we are reliving the same 3 hours over and over again. It's brutal. Some days I feel like I should be doing more and have to remind myself that keeping two babies alive is a pretty productive day. Some days we do get out and join the rest of the world. Other days I feel like I blink and it's dark out already. It's all kind of a blur right now.
    Why can't you go for walks? I would think even just a walk around the block would be ok? It's definitely good to get out of the house.

  6. Oh my God, been off radar whilst I've been I'll but it looks like he's a little drunk old man shouting at that monkey. Husband just asked what the monkey said to him?! Hee hee. Take your time going out, healing is a complicated, laborious process and I promise no one is keeping you inside out of spite! You will absolutely know when you are ready for exertion. x

  7. Owen is adorable. Love the pics.

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