Sunday, January 20, 2013


Today was a good day. I'm not sure how to write this post to totally capture what I want to say, but I'll try. I slept in this morning for the first time in a long time and rolled over and considered the idea of running away for the day. On one hand I had laundry and grocery shopping and cleaning and god knows what else to do.......on the other hand we've been working oh so hard and haven't had time to relax or connect with one another since Christmas.

So what did we do? What any other rational couple would do......we let Rock Paper Scissors decide. My husband took the side of Responsibility and I chose Fun. I won. So we took off. We drove north to wine country and just......enjoyed the day. We talked and talked and talked. Some serious stuff, some not so serious. We flirted and flirted and well, I may have even flirted with the cute guy pouring our wine who had a sexy tattoo. What can I say?

Anyhow, it was a good day. I'm so glad because I've been so down since I got my period. Yes, because, well, I'm not pregnant. But also because I think because I experienced the mood swings associated with hormones for the first time in years since I started taking birth control. What a bitch. How unfair. Like I was a black hole for about four days. Is that how it is for most women? Wow.

But now I'm back and I'm reconnected to myself and to my husband (and to wine country) and I'm just......back. It's a good thing because, throughout all of this trying-to-be-a-woman and trying-to-be-a-mother and trying-to-move-to-the-next-stage we need to remember to just BE. So, here I am. I'm back. Did you miss me?

On a positive note, I'm going to be in Mexico this cycle when I'm due for my period so, I'll either be pregnant or.......I'll pour a margarita and toast la puesta del sol.


  1. A margarita, my own personal favourite sorrow drowner. I hope you don't need it my dear.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling more like you -both for yourself and for your marriage. Taking time to just BE with each other is so important.

    Hope the trip to Mexico is fabulous, no matter how it turns out.

    BTW, I nominated you for Liebster over at Donating Hope!

  3. Ooh have so much fun in Mexico!!!

    When I got off the pill, honey, I felt and thought CRRRAZY things tthat I was sure meant I was going insane. Hang in there and keep on! You seem like you're doing amazing.

  4. Yay, Mexico :) Where exactly will you be? I am sure you will enjoy it. The food, the sun, the chilling...
    I am hoping this cycle will be the cycle for you guys.
    (If it makes you feel any better, which I guess it doesn't, another cycle went for us, game over, start again)-.
    But reconnecting is so important. Knowing that you have each other and love each other like crazy is a lot of happiness in one bag.

  5. Luna....if I do need it, I'll be sure to toast a margarita for you :)

    Dspence...I agree. I feel so much stronger this week just because we were able to BE together away from day to day life stuff.

    HiLLjO....good to know I'm not the only one who went crazy of birth control! In fact, that helps more than you know :)

    Amanada.....sorry your cycle came and went as well. I hope you were able to pamper yourself a little too? We're going back to the same place we've gone 4 times before... Zihuatanejo. I figure with only a few days, it's not worth going somewhere new. Plus, it's an old friend :)

  6. Zihuatanejo is beautiful, we actually were there last February, and we have spent many family vacations there. There are even some pics on the blog :)


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