Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Various and Sundry

No time for a real post today. I am buried in paperwork, late nights at work, and preparing for February (aka the month of houseguests and holiday weekends). I haven't thought much about this cycle. I'll just say, I'm on my fourth month of trying to get pregnant, currently on CD14 and really not giving much of a shit this month. I think I always had a secret thought that I would get pregnant in the first three months (I know, I know...) and so now I feel like I'm settling in and becoming a bit more calm about things.

Sooooo let me just update you with a few various and sundry things, in no particular order:
-I gave a presentation today, on Digital Ethics. I love presenting. In another life, I think I should have been a teacher.
-I got lost tonight on a dark street in a bad neighborhood. Wearing high heels and carrying my Marc Jacobs briefcase. A "nice" man tried to help me out. I was terrified and felt a little like Alicia Silverstone.
-Sangiovese is the same grape as Chianti. We're making friends this week.
-I'm listening to Flight Behavior on Audible, in my car. Did anyone ever read The Bean Trees?
-My husband booked our 120-lb German Shepherd an appointment at the doggie day spa today.
-My mom is coming to town on Friday. My sister and I are going down to San Diego with her for the weekend. Going to hit up Old Town for some margaritas.

That's it. Just some random stuff 'cus I miss all of you guys (I promise I am trying to catch up on your blogs!). I will leave you with this wonderful little photo story. Looks like we've all been doing it wrong!!

How to Make a Baby


  1. I love the photo set, too! haha!

    Just to tell ya and hopefully encourage you: not giving a shit is the best way to get preggers EVER. Good luck!

  2. I saw that photo series before and I just love it. Thinking of you, always :) Hoping your baby will come soon.


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