Monday, January 14, 2013

'Twas the Night Before....

Celebrations are in order! On my third cycle off of birth control my luteal phase has extended by one whole day. My first two cycles it was only 11 days, which, according to some "highly scientific" websites, can be cause for concern (most say...Shut up and stop worrying, you're fine if you're over 10 days). What does this mean? Probably nothing. Maybe it means my body will be better able to create life *insert joyous music here*, maybe it means my body is regulating itself back to its natural, normal state *insert chirping birds and other nature sounds* and maybe it means....

....well, hey, I am a day late, right??

p.s. I realize this post reveals what an obsessive dork I am, but oh well, the whole reason I started this blog is so I could write about my crazy, obsessive thoughts about trying to get pregnant without having to reveal them to people in real life.

p.p.s. You shouldn't get too excited by my naively giddy hopefulness in this posting. Two negative pregnancy tests at 12DPO suggest I am not, in fact, pregnant.


  1. Hmm, I know I once read a blogger's struggle with a short luteal phase and by getting some B12 vitamin supplements she managed to make it longer, and more importantly, she got pregnant and had a healthy baby (last November? )
    I kind of remember her saying the info came from "taking charge of your fertility" (I still have to read it, so I wouldn't know).
    Anyhow, my cycle is 25 days, which means my luteal phase is about 12 days if my calculations (and the ob-gyns echographies and estimations) + ovulation kits + mucus indicators are right.
    I get progesterone supplementation with the IUI's just in case, though 12 days is supposed to be enough.
    Anyhow, all the best of luck . I hope your little one will come to you soon.

  2. Yay! So glad to hear that your luteal phase has lengthened a bit! That's great news.

  3. I got negative HPT's at 12, 13 and 14DPO...

    BFP 15DPO. Was the first time the chart ever reminded me to test... I thought it was odd.

    Indeed it has been.


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