Sunday, July 21, 2013

Little Boys and Dinosaurs

Today Becky at Kearney Keepings wrote about having a Boy. She based her post off of an article about 20 Things You Should Know When You're Raising a Boy. Her post got me thinking. Even though I have completely settled after my shock of finding out my girl was actually a boy, I was surprised to find my gut reaction to be a tinge of jealousy when I found out our friends just had a little girl.

Even though I am now totally attached to my little boy, I realized I'm still adjusting to the part about not having a girl. I mean, I know, I know the second time around we could have a girl. Same chances as we had this time. But...right now, we're having a boy.

So, in honor of my little boy and being a Mom to a Boy, I am going to take my image of my Little Girl....

....and put it on a shelf in my brain.

And replace it with these....

In related news, I have been wanting to buy a "rocking horse" since I first found out a was pregnant. Now, I now it's silly, because a baby can't even use a rocking horse, but I want one in the nursery. It symbolizes childhood and nostalgia to me. It didn't have to be a rocking horse, but any type of cute, cuddly animal who rocks. Today, I found a sale on rocking horse-esque animals. I selected a cute little monkey, a giraffe, or an adorable elephant. Then I asked B's opinion. His eyes lit up when he saw the dinosaur. He said something along the lines of, "Now THIS is what a little boy would like!"

So I bought the dinosaur rocker.

I hope he likes it.

p.s. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find a picture of a little boy with a horse. Versus the MILLIONS that show up when you search for a girl and a horse.


  1. I love the rocking dinosaur :)
    And boys are lots and lots of fun, think of all the mischief :) (But I understand your feelings 100%)

  2. The rocking dinosaur is so cute!

  3. Aww, I love your little boy pics. I can't imagine the shock and the adjustment you have gone through! Everyone keeps telling me how fun and sweet little boys are. They will be your little cuddle bug and momma's boy. :-) My sister actually has 7 boys! They are almost all grown now and are the nicest, most respectful young men! She didn't have the drama that girls can bring LOL! ;-)
    The rocking dinosaur is awesome!! Too cute!

  4. That is a VERY cute rocker!! I was also kind of hoping for a girl, but am now getting more into the idea of a boy, especially after speaking with parents who have little guys... they're all so positive about the experience and don't seem to have missed out on dressing them up in cute outfits or whatever (actually, one friend has a little boy who loves nothing more than to put on a pink tutu and then play with his trucks). :)

    As soon as you lay eyes on him, it'll all come together...

  5. As the mom of a little girl (who I guess expected she would have another little girl) I too am having a hard time embracing the visions of a little boy. It's not that I'm not excited to have a boy, they are just so... unfamiliar. And we already have all we need as far as "stuff" and even clothes for the first year (we were big on "gender neutral" with our first) so I can't engage in any retail therapy to help me get there. I suppose it will have to happen without buying boy stuff. We shall see.

  6. Oh my gosh, so cute!! My two little nephews are crazy about dinosaurs, I'm sure your son will like it.

    I've always wanted my first child to be a boy, although I am putting on my adoption application that we would accept either gender.

  7. the dino rocker! LOVE! (my sister-in-law is dino obsessed, if I show her this, she will flip!)

    boys are going to be awesome. until we have to potty-train them, THAT I am already dreading!

  8. Great, now I need an animal rocker for my nursery. haha.

    The funny thing is I had a twinge of disappointment when I found out I was having 2 girls. I was really hoping for one of each since this could likely be my only pregnancy. I really liked the idea of having a boy. People get sooooo excited when I tell them I am having 2 girls. I think they get images of 2 little girls dressed alike or something. I am tempted to start telling strangers I am having boys to see if I get the same reaction - as a scientific experiment.

  9. Oh my goodness, that is adorable! Where did you find the rocker?

    I've been struggling with finding out the sex of our little Smudge. R is most comfortable with a boy (after all, he's already done that twice). I'm more comfortable with a girl for the same reason. We both have our own idea of what parenthood looks like based on previous experience. One of us is going to have to adapt...

  10. The rocking horse is adorable! I love it!

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  12. Ummm the picture with the boy and the dog at the beach? TOO ADORABLE.

    And that is an AWESOME rocking dinosaur!!


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