Sunday, October 21, 2012

A weekend of debauchery

One thing you should know about me if we're going to be friends: I absolutely LOVE wine. I spent the past three days with my husband and two other couple friends of ours, in wine country north of our home, drinking way too much wine and eating good food. It was a blast. Whenever my husband and I go tasting, we always end up buying way too much wine. This time, we did as we usually do, and came home with almost 3 cases of wine. When we were buying it, we kept looking at each other and I know we both were thinking "What are we doing?" I mean, why buy so much wine if I won't be able to drink it? Obviously, that doesn't mean we'll stop having dinner parties or he'll stop drinking or we can save it for the future and let it age. But STILL. I think we both were struck by what a change it will be.

I mean truly, the six of us spent last night around a campfire going through 5 bottles of wine. NOT going to happen with a kid in our life. So...things change. And I won't lie and say that it's not frightening and a little sad to me. It's fun to have a weekend away just feeling young and enjoying company of friends and tasting good wines. Being selfish with our lives and enjoying them for ourselves, without children.

It really is amazing what we are willing to give up for everything that we hope to gain, isn't it?

Cycle Note: I'm now on CD 6 and officially waiting to ovulate for the first time since I got on birth control 13 years ago. We shall see I guess. I took my temperature early this morning after our night of wine drinking and it had shot up 3 entire degrees. Pretty sure I was still drunk when I took my temp, so that may be faulty data!!

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