Thursday, October 25, 2012

Caution: You Could Get Pregnant If You Proceed

I had an epiphany last night: I am having unprotected sex! Oh shit! I could get pregnant! What the hell am I thinking????

Anyone else ever had this oh-so-important epiphany?

Haha, but no, seriously. One thing you should know about me is that every since I went to grad school I have been converted into a "researcher." I love to have some sort of project that I am researching and learning more about. For example, when we went to Argentina, I researched the hell out of that trip. So much so that I was a walking guidebook for my husband and our friends.

My friend: "Hmm I could definitely go for some ice cream right now." Me: "Actually, Argentina is known for its ice cream. It is similar to gelatto, but not quite. In fact, if we walk two more blocks and take a right we will run into a wonderful little heladeria..."


My husband: "I wonder what the temperature will be like when we get to Mendoza?" Me: "Actually, the climate this time of year is extremely hot, due to the fact that it is their summer right now. We should probably all wear shorts."

You get the idea??

Soooo when it came time to "making a baby," I researched that too. Way too much. So now I can't stop thinking about it. I also have this bad habit of wanting to do everything just "perfectly" or "just right." So of course, the more I knew about baby-making, the better job I could do at it. Now here I am, armed with a ton of overly scientific knowledge about how babies are made (which I now realize I probably should have known before age 30!), and I am set to do it right.

But then....*BAM!* Last night after, well, trying to make a baby, I realized, "What the hell did I just do? I could get pregnant!!!" Ha. Duh. Now, don't take me wrong, I have done a lot of soul searching and had a lot of deep, difficult conversations with my husband about this. I know (as much as I can) what I am getting into and I am as ready as I can be. But I still think that my methodical researching this to death syndrome has kept me somewhat removed from the fact that my entire body, world, career, relationship, LIFE will (*fx*) soon change. And for some reason, last night, it all came shockingly, excitingly crashing into me.

Holy shit.

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