Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just Waiting....

So I'm now on CD 19 and waiting to ovulate for the first time off of birth control. I've had some signs that things are happening, but then my temperatures are up and down in such a consistent manner that it really doesn't seem like anything is going to shift.

I started to get a bit impatient about it and then I realized how irrational that is. My body just needs time to readjust after birth control. What made me think my body would just say, "Ok great, so I will adhere to a perfect 28 day cycle after you put random amounts of hormones into me for 13 years? No Problem." The other irrational part is just the fact that I'm even getting impatient. Seriously? Having a baby is a big deal. There is no need to rush it. Both my husband and I will be just fine with a few more months of not-yet-being-parents.

I think part of the problem is I've never really been that great at waiting for anything. It's just never been one of my strong suits. I can hardly wait for the tea kettle to whistle without getting bored or antsy. So, in a way, this is just a way of telling me to chill out and relax. It's only been 19 days. I'm not even outside a "normal" range of ovulation. So just CHILL!

Besides, each day that I haven't ovulated means another day I can guiltlessly indulge in a glass of wine. :)

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