Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Baby in Your Tummy?

Well, I started off the New Year in the same way I'm sure many other people did - wandering bleary eyed to the bathroom, drinking a huge glass of water, peeing, wandering back to bed, drinking more water, and deciding to go back to sleep. Except...THEN I remembered, Oh Shit! I haven't taken my temperature! So, of course, I did. Which, if all of the things I did before taking it wouldn't have messed up my temperature, I'm sure the fact that I was still probably partially drunk and couldn't figure out how to enter the numbers into my phone didn't help (Picture me, fuzzy, bleary-eyed, and blind without my glasses, tapping ineffectively on my iPhone. Awesome).

SO. Long story short, even though I have a theory I ovulated yesterday, I really have no way to know since my temp jumped so high my chart looks like a cliff face. Haha. I guess I'll just discard today's temp and wait a few more days to see. Anyone else have this problem or am I the only one that decided that splitting a bottle of champagne with my friend was somehow a GOOD idea??

On another note, I wanted to share a cute story that happened last night. We spent most of the night at my friend's house who is currently five months pregnant (No, that is NOT the same friend who split the champagne bottle with me!!). And I got to meet her 18-month-old baby for the first time. She was totally precious and sat with me for half of the night, just playing and snuggling. At one point, my friend told us about how her daughter is confused about the idea of there being a "baby sister in mommy's tummy." And so sometimes she thinks the baby sister is inside of HER tummy, which I thought was adorable. So then my friend start's asking her daughter "Where's your baby sister?" And she pointed at MY tummy! I turned bright red and my friend, who knows I'm TTCing, said "Wow, you better stop drinking that glass of wine!" Ha,ha.

Here's hoping that adorable little toddler knows something I don't, hey?

Last note: Check out one of my Christmas presents.
Cute, hey? But I read through it and there seems to be way more in depth information available on the Internet/forums. Good book to read before you start, I think.


  1. Ooh! that would be an excellent way to kick off 2013! Baby dust!

  2. Cool. That would be so awesome! And yes...sometimes the most important temp-taking day gets totally screwed up! Ugh!


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