Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Drown Your Sorrows Day

Welcome to Inaugural Drown Your Sorrows Day!!!
On the Menu is a 2009 Stolpman Sangiovese (wine clubs are the best!). This full-bodied red wine is being served with a side helping of the Return of Logic and Clear-Headedness. The rich aroma and "chewy" taste will be sure to induce moments of Clarity, Realism and maybe even a whiff of Chagrin. With each sip, you will find yourself becoming more grounded in Reality and less and less concerned about previously all-important obsessions. Finally, the tastes of "pomegranate and toasted fennel seeds" will bring you smashing back to the full-functioning status of a strong, intelligent, independent woman. Basically, on this Drown-Your-Sorrows Day, you will accept Reality and Move ON!

p.s. Yes, the wine description really does say "pomegranate and toasted fennel seeds."


  1. Darn it. Well, the wine sounds abosolutely amazing!

  2. Shit.

    God dammit.

    Have another glass for the helluvit.

  3. It's ok, I'm kind of in a shitty mood today, but that's a combo of getting my period and other "life stuff," but I'm sure I'll bounce back. As my post suggests, wine helps. :)


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