Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eating Wednesday Healthily

Ok, so two weeks ago, I made a plan to document my adherence to eating "on point" (on Weight Watchers) on a once-a-week basis. Did any of you die-hard fans realize that I missed a week? What?? No?? Ha. Well, I missed it due to being sick all last week and stuck in my own little world of possibly-pregnant land. Thus, the lack of a food diary post correlates perfectly with my poor eating habits last week. The first week on WW I lost 2 lbs, then I prompted gained them back. Ooops.

So here we go again. However, it was a little harder this week. Due to previously mentioned reasons of being sick and semi-crazy last week, I didn't go shopping for healthy food. Which leaves me with minimal options. Minimal options usually means eating junk. Let's see how I did....

Breakfast. Hmm. A little bit of an indulgence. Nonfat Vanilla Latte from Coffee Bean (7 pts). 7 pts out of a total of 26 is a lot to spend on a coffee. But hey, I'm not a big breakfast person, it gives me a serving of dairy, and damnit, I had to work until 7pm tonight.

Lunch. Leftover Chinese Veggies and one cup of rice (8 pts). I could have probably just had a 1/2 cup of rice, but as I said, I love carbs!

Snacks (0pts). Some sad looking fruit here. Old grapes and semi-squashed blackberries. Oh well.

Dinner (11 pts). Boneless pork chop, garlic broccoli, and mashed "potatoes." The potatoes are really half potatoes and half cauliflower. It's seriously awesome......very buttery and nutty.

Not point worth of peanut butter M&Ms :)

Bringing me to total of 26 pts for the day. Right on target. Which is good, because tomorrow I am going to a dinner theater magic show thing and who knows what I'll eat or drink there. That's why WW gives you weekly bonus points, right?

Anyhow, again, not sure if anyone really cares to know what I ate all day (I mean, unless you're a dietician or strangely obsessed with food), but this holds me accountable. So......enjoy!!


  1. Oh the potato-cauliflower mash sounds good I might try it. We have literally no groceries anymore (got to hit the shops today) which means we had hot chocolate (we had Abuelita mexican choc and milk) and shortbread cookies that we got as a gift from a friend in London. Not exactly healthy and I am trying to give up gluten, but I'll stock on healthy stuff soon. Good luck to you.

  2. I care! I know how important it is to keep a food log, Knowing that I'm going to post my intake is the only way for me to stay on top of my eating choices!


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