Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is Anybody Out There?

Hey, so people are starting to visit my blog fairly regularly. Note that I say "visit." I can track how many people came here, but no idea if anyone actually reads it. But, aside from a couple of new friends (Thanks girls!), no one has been brave enough to leave comments yet. So...I'm just curious...."Is Anybody Out There???"

If you're out there and reading this on the day before Thanksgiving, why don't you leave a comment to let me know you're alive? Let us all know what your plans are for tomorrow? Will you have a big feast? Will it be with friends or family? What is your favorite part of the meal?

I don't have much time to write today (feverishly trying to get my work done so I can leave work early today), but I'll start you off:

My husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving. It's starting to become a bit of tradition. My mom, aunt, and cousin flew in last night from Oregon. My sister, her roommate, and her sister's roommate will come over tomorrow for dinner. As will our best "couple friends" who are so close that they are basically family. We'll get up at a leisurely time (maybe 9:30 or 10:00ish?) and get the turkey on. Then we'll make a big breakfast together, just family. Then we'll all get a little crazy and cook a LOT. We won't eat until later, maybe 6:00ish?, and mostly the day will just be about hanging out together and eating and drinking.

Did I mention the up side of getting my period is I can drink really good wine?? Well, I could also drink bad wine, but I prefer to stay with the good stuff for Thanksgiving ;)

Anyhow, Happy Turkey Day to all of you and I hope to get some responses about your favorite part of the meal. Oh wait, I forgot to answer that part myself. Hmmm. Is it silly if I say my favorite part of the Thanksgiving dinner is the gravy?? :)



  1. Hey kid, I'm here. Loving the blog so far! Nice to know I'm not alone out there. :)
    Best Wishes,

  2. I am here- you need to "add a follower gadget" to your blog so people can follow you =)

  3. Just found you through FF! I'm out here!

  4. I am here. :) Megz is right, you should add a Google Friends Connect button like I have on the top lefthand side of my blog. It comes in handy so you can see who follows you and can gain new followers easier!

    This Thanksgiving we are going to my moms house. I am bringing the important thing, PIE! haha I envy your wine drinking abilities.

  5. I have the same thing going on where I might get 40+ page views a day but only a comment or two per post. =/

    I am a SAHW so I normally sleep in till 11am lol. DH is off tomorrow though so he might sleep in with me. Sometimes he still gets up early even when he's off.

    My older sister is coming in to town tomorrow but I'm not sure if I'm going to see her. She is coming by in the morning and then I think they are going to her DH's parents for the actual day. My mom always cooks but it will probably just be me, DH, and her. We might find a movie to watch or something.

  6. Hooray!! Thank you all for your responses! It's nice to know who's out there and reading. Did you all have good Thanksgivings? I had so much fun I'm just now getting back to my blog.

    I am working on the Follow button. Sad to say, I can't figure out how to add it right now? The Google+ stuff confuses the hell out of me. I'll put my husband to work on on it tonight.


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