Sunday, November 11, 2012

Waiting Begins....

Well, I'd been suspecting for two days now and then FF confirmed this morning: I ovulated!

It feels like it was a long month building up to this. I officially ovulated on CD 24, which is technically considered "late ovulation," but for my very first cycle off birth control, it seems pretty damn good to me. I feel like I joined some kind of club of womanhood, or "Women Who Ovulate." After being on birth control, each step of this cycle has been surprising and exciting to me.

And the best part is, it has brought me closer together with my husband. We've both been so close and felt so connected, it's been wonderful. In a way, I think we both saw trying to have a baby as a much stronger commitment to one another than getting married was. Neither of us wants to have our children experience a divorce, and so having a child together is the real deal. Much easier to separate two adults than to separate a family. Coming to this decision was a hard one, but, in this first month of trying, we talked about how absolutely amazing it was and how happy we both felt.

And so now, the waiting begins.... :)

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