Thursday, November 15, 2012

Waiting 'Til Turkey Day

So I think in an earlier thread that I mentioned I am an impatient person? Well, this week has convinced me that is true. I thought that I would love having four forced days off work to just sit and do nothing. The first two days were ok, but yesterday I started to get emotional and antsy and then today I have been a complete wreck.

I think the reason I’ve been such a disaster today is because taking four days off work will have maaajor repercussions for me when I go back tomorrow. Each day I take off equals multiple hours behind. I’m trying to figure out how to be more zen about it. I mean really, I had an operation…I shouldn’t be so stressed about missing some work, right? But ughhh, it’s amazing how much it piles up. Not to mention, with a job like mine, there are people counting on me and when I’m not there…well, anyhow.

I’m going back to work tomorrow and then I’ll leave a little early to get my stitches out. I guess after that, I’m back to real life? Yuck.

I’ve decided to write myself off mentally for this cycle. The chances that I could conceive through all that seem to be extremely minimal. The stupid thing is, according to Dr. Google, it is still possible I could get pregnant. That means abstaining from alcohol while my family is here next week for Thanksgiving? Argh. I don't mind abstaining for a baby, but abstaining for a tiny negligible chance I could be pregnant? That’s hard. I think I’ve decided to take a pregnancy test on Thanksgiving. I’ll be at 14 DPO and so something would hopefully show up then. I don’t even know if I’ll tell my husband I’m taking it. I feel like he and I were so connected on this before the surgery, but now whenever I bring it up, he just tells me not to stress over it.

*Sigh* I guess the good thing about all this is that there really is no crazy-symptom-spotting. As in, did my right eyelid just flutter??? Because, any weird feelings I am having I’m just attributing to the fact that I just had a major organ cut out of my stomach. I mean, twinges in my stomach? Yeah, probably has to do with the missing appendix. Fatigue? Yep, probably has to do with the anesthesia. See how this goes?

So, I guess, here’s waiting ‘till Turkey Day.

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