Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sticky Fingers

So I bought a pregnancy test today. This is the first time I bought one while actually hoping to be pregnant. The funny part is, I realized why everyone likes to order their tests online. Holy shit, why do they have to make buying a pregnancy test such a humiliating experience? I walked into the store and realized that all of the pregnancy tests are stored in giant, shiny, plastic boxes the size of shoe boxes. Right next to the super-ribbed, extra large condoms that are also in giant plastic shoe boxes. So, your only choice is to take one of those giant boxes and carry it around the store until you get to the check out aisle where the clerk can't just pretend she doesn't notice what you're buying, because she has to set it aside while she rings up the rest of your groceries and then get out the special key to open the treasure box, ALL so you can have your pregnancy test. WOW.

All I can say is, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, kind lady at the check out stand who did not make a cheesy joke about "Oh boy, I don't know whether to wish you luck or congratulate you" or "Does your husband know?" or "Ohhhh a bun in the oven??"

I tried to think about why I, a successful, Ph.D.-educated, married woman is embarrassed to buy a pregnancy test? I mean, there is nothing wrong with buying a pregnancy test. In fact, it should be exciting and wonderful, right? I guess it's just because buying a pregnancy test is a personal thing. Making a baby is a personal thing. How you make a baby is a personal thing! So, having to announce to the world (ok, not the world, just the check-out lady, bag boy, and 2 or 3 people in line behind you) that you are hoping (or fearing) you may be pregnant is not exactly my favorite thing.

I guess there's a reason both the pregnancy tests and condoms are locked up, huh?

Wait. Did I just compare myself to teenage kids who steal condoms out of embarrassment??

Annnnnyhow, back to being a 30-year-old grown-up. The point is, I bought a test. A 2 for 1. That means I have two chances to test. As mentioned in my previous post, I am going to try to stay with my more rational side and not start testing tomorrow at 10 DPO. My goal is to test on Thanksgiving morning. If that is negative, I will test again on Friday....

This is the kind I bought. Is the digital one good? Everyone on the forums seems to always be squinting to look for barely-there lines. I'd rather just be sure. What's the catch? The cost? Because I can definitely see the cost as a major drawback. Damn. I see why people buy those dollar store tests....


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have never tried the garlic bean paste but I will look for it the next time I'm at the store.

    Your HPTs are locked up?! Like the electronic stuff? That seems so weird to me. I've never seen them locked up. I can always just go through the self check out if I'm feeling embarrassed. I do usually use the cheap internet tests mostly. I will get a FRER if I see a good looking line on one or a squinty line on two or more of those. That's mostly because of the cost factor. I would only get the digital ones after I got a positive on a FRER as if I understand correctly those are less sensitive. The wondo internet cheapie tests and FRERs test positive at 10miu and the digis test positive at 25miu I think. So that and the cost is one of the reason people squint for lines rather than just get a digi.

    Good luck when you test!

    (P.S. Captchas are the devil.)

  2. Ohhh good to know about the sensitivity! I decided to go for the digital just because it's only my first cycle and I figured, why not splurge?

    I am definitely going to go do a different store next time. Hopefully I just ended up in a freak ghetto-grocery store where they have a major pregnancy-test-shoplifting problem. Haha. Self checkout seems like the way to go.

    And yes, I agree about the stupid captchas!!

  3. Hello :) I am a new follower and I found you through FrozenOJ's blog. I really like your down to earth posts. These are the type of blogs I enjoy reading instead of the ones that sound like they are trying to sell me something.I feel your pain about the pregnancy tests. At first I felt sort of embarrassed buying them but now it's to the point where I dare someone to make a joke about it. It's no ones business if I am trying to have a baby and since when did that become shameful? People are odd.

  4. Hi Sarah! Thanks for your comments (and thanks to OJ's blog for sending you over)! I'm excited that people are starting to comment rather than just lurking. Gives me motivation to keep writing :) Do you have a blog?

    And isn't it weird about the embarrassment factor? It really shouldn't be a big deal, but yes, it IS private.

  5. Yes, :) I'm just getting started as a blogger. It's a nice way to express myself.

    I am working my way out of the embarrassment factor. I just smile & look people straight in the face lol I hope that gets the message across that I'm excited & not ashamed. I usually use non digital frer & Wondfo IC's.


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