Friday, December 7, 2012

Cycle Update

So I woke up this morning and put in my temperature and found out that I am 3DPO. Exciting! My coverline was lower than I expected it to be and so I thought at most I was 1-2 days post O. Good to know. I rolled over in bed and said to my husband, "I ovulated." And he mumbled sleepily, "Congratulations." Ha. Congratulations indeed. My body did what it was supposed to. And on CD15 this time, instead of CD24. Quite an accomplishment, ovaries, congrats to you. Well done.

So now here I am, entering what feels like my first TWW. Last month didn't really count in my mind as I had my surgery at 3DPO, which kind of messed things up physically and mentally. Even if there were a chance I was pregnant, there definitely wasn't any symptom-spotting, as in "Was that painful twinge my missing appendix or an implantation pain?" Yeah right.

So here I go. Hoping to stay sane. I imagine it won't be too hard to not fixate on this stuff, given how busy I will be at work for the next two weeks. It's weird, I plan on testing on 14DPO, which will be December 19th, which is the day I finish up with all of my crazy work stuff and we get in a car to leave for Christmas break. Things really do fall into cycles, don't they?

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  1. Yay for ovulating! Hope this TWW goes by quickly for you.


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