Saturday, December 15, 2012

Time Will Tell....

So I'm on 10DPO and things are looking good. But I'm anxious to see what will happen tomorrow because last cycle on 11DPO, my temp dropped and I started cramping and then my period came the next day. If I can just make it through a few more days without my temp dropping, at least that will mean my LP is lengthening, which is a good thing.

This cycle has been different for me. It really feels like my "first" cycle. Last month I was still recovering from appendix surgery and the whole two weeks were a blur. I remember thinking, "Well this isn't so bad, I'm already at 9DPO and I barely noticed." Ha. This time I've let myself get my hopes up (Beginner's Mistake??) and I've even whispered to myself a few times "I think I'm pregnant." Which, in a few days, I'm sure I'll feel pretty silly about admitting that to all of you (three? four?) readers out there.

I promised myself I wouldn't start symptom-spotting and, if I did, that I wouldn't write about it on my blog, I go. This morning we went out for Mexican for breakfast. I immediately said that their salsa tasted different - more bland. Then I said that my mineral water with lime tasted like tap water. And pretty much my whole meal nothing much at all. My husband thought I was crazy. Especially when I pointed out that maybe it was a weird, freaky pregnancy symptom. *sigh* Yeah right, or it could just be the fact that I have a snuffy nose that is messing with my sense of smell and taste.

Either way, I'm having a happy day. Ran errands with my husband and barely started Christmas shopping. As soon as I finish this post I am about to go make good friends with Amazon to shop some more. How is everyone else doing? Done shopping? Presents wrapped? If so, I hate you. ;)

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