Thursday, December 13, 2012

If I'm Not Pregnant...

I have started thinking in sentences that start with either "If I'm pregnant..." or "If I'm not pregnant..." I decided to dedicate this post to a list of things I will do if I'm NOT pregnant in January. Don't ask me why...maybe to have something to look forward to on the darker side of the coin? Maybe just...because? Probably just to let out these thoughts rattling around in my brain that no one really cares to hear but me. So, if you're unfortunate enough to be reading this self-indulgent post, skip ahead to the next one. There's plenty of self-indulgence to choose from.

If I'm NOT Pregnant In January, I Will....

....start up with horseback riding again. I took December off, in deference to my crazy, crazy schedule. But I'm missing it physically and emotionally. I need to get back up to the barn. To the peace, comfort and physical challenge.
...go back on Weight Watchers. Seriously, how cliche! But honestly, horseback riding isn't the only thing I've let slide this month! In fact, ironically, I let my online subscription lapse JUST before Thanksgiving. Oops. That makes it the first time in four years that I haven't had an online membership to WW, so I could at least pretend I was monitoring what I eat.
...get a massage! I've heard/read mixed opinions on prenatal massage, but the take home message that it doesn't seem to be a good idea in the first Trimester. Anyone know anything about this? It's big on my list of Things to Ask a Doctor.
...get a Brazilian wax. Yet another appointment I haven't had time to make. Too much info for you? Too bad. I need to visit my esthetician. Do people DO that while they're pregnant? Seems odd.
...DRINK SOME WINE!!! You were waiting for it, weren't you? Come on, by know you should know I have a little bit of an addiction.

Oh, and one thing that should go on my If I'm Not Pregnant in February list is....ENJOY MEXICO the way it's supposed to enjoyed!! No avoiding massages, alcohol, food...anything.

And what, you may ask, will I do If I AM Pregnant in January?? Well, that list is much, much longer. But it starts with PANIC and CELEBRATE! :)

Oh and a quick Cycle Update:
I'm on 8DPO and nothing much is happening. I am trying to not drive myself crazy with symptom spotting that I know is just craziness. For example, should I freak out and start celebrating because I had a painful twinge and a temp dip on 7DPO? No, I should stay calm and just wait. Wait, wait, wait. My main goal for this cycle (aside from the OBVIOUS) is that I will extend my LP to 13 or 14 days, instead of 11. We'll see!

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  1. It's so awesome we're so close together in our cycles. I hope you get your BFP :)


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