Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pregnant Fashionista?

I went shopping today at BCBG (a store usually beyond my means, but thanks to my hubby for my birthday gift certificate!) and realized that I was picking out clothes that could work as "pregnant clothes." I bought one long, flowing, color-blocked shirt and another enormous, thick sweater. The kind that are meant to be worn with leggings. Am I crazy or are the fashions right now just made for pregnant woman? I mean seriously, leggings and giant tops? Awesome. Then I bought one beautiful, super-expensive, royal blue, transparent, button-up top that was just...because. Totally NOT pregnancy clothes. Totally more than I should spend on a shirt. But it made my hair shine blonder than normal and my eyes pop and the transparency is sexy in a classy way. Thanks to my sister for making me buy that one :)

Hey LooK! This could be me!! Sweater, leggings, boots...I got it all! Just no pregnant belly or weird little hat.

I'm having a hard time with my "first" two week wait. I keep staring at my chart and hoping to fast-forward the days to the 19th. I chose the 19th to test because it will be 14DPO and because it's the day we leave for our Christmas vacation. I probably won't even make it that far...last month I started my period on 12DPO. So, we'll see.

My husband is going around with a sappy grin on his face saying things like "I know you're pregnant." Super cute. But it's also making me super excited and I don't want to get my hopes up too much. At least the good thing about going back to work is that I will get too busy to obsess about this too much.

p.s. I didn't drink wine at my birthday dinner. Practicing to be a mommy is hard work!

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  1. I know what you mean about clothes! I saw a sequin mini-dress in a dept. store last week and told my husband, "That needs a baby bump in it." It's was just the ladies' section...
    Good luck on the 2ww... it's harrrdddd.


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